Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Early June Update

Not sure what the best way to get my photos out to the world, been pushing facebook tough, this blog doesn't get many views, I have tried to push it hard int he past and it just didn't go anywhere. Hrmm Recent stuff, I'll post stuff over the next few days, hit up some summer riding at timberline Keeping me safe, stuck it in front of me haha Tried to spin, didnt get any of my homies doing it right, but in the down time I shot the skiiers another half hour I woulda had it, was rocking the 9 stop ND filter, so that added to it Helped with lighting for a video shot of a hardcore band, shot a few shots of em as well. Shot on the second story of a retirement home, an old hospital...abandoned, creepy past Jimmy

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canvas prints said...

these photos totaly rock. i got to try this one day.